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            腾翔科技 本初不是为了创立一家公司,而是担负着一种社会责任,让世界变得更安全、可靠,让人类生活变得更智能、和谐。我们致力于将科技与大健康领域紧密结合,为人类的生命安全负责。我们坚信随着人们生活越来越安全,我们之间将变得更加互爱、互信;我们相信创造安全感可以温暖整个世界。




            TecShield Technology was not originally created to be a company, it was built to accomplish a social mission— to make the world more secure and reliable, allowing people to have smarter harmonious satisfied lives. We devote combining technology and enlarged health industry in order to be responsible and provide security to human beings. We firmly believe that as people need more and more security, we can also become more caring and trusting; We believe that building security makes the world a warmer place. 

            Our engineers provide security services for millions of users, and consider how to prevent the security risks through the development of science and technology everyday. They believe that instead of letting security threats to destroy trust and destroy us, better we eliminate the hidden dangers and stay omne step ahead by changing ourselves. 

            We don't build services to make money, we profit by building better services. Our products will not leave you cold, but provide the warmth of a sense of security to our users, and so they can enjoy a better quality of life. 

            TecShield Technology focuses on researching information security solutions, following independent innovation, commitment to nationally created and controlled technical services in the world of information security,has been awarded many national patents. Dozens of security products has been proven qualified through security product test by the State Encryption Administration and the Ministry of Public Security. Meeting the targets of "Internet-based + double innovation of technology & systems + China Produced 2025 government initiative" Information Security, to provide enterprises and individuals with an internet and information security partner, with the most advanced technological means and the most reassuring security experience.

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